A change for good!

A change for good!

It's been a while since we've posted here,  I know, we're lazy!  But there have been a few things happening around MoS headquarters in recent times which has kept us super busy with some new plans for new products and more importantly, a change to the way we do business!

previously we used to offer 3 types of Badger based shaving brushes.  Due to demand though, our own self conscious and thinking we need to make a change for good, we have decided to only use non animal ghair brushes meaning that our entire shaving range is now animal free!  For some time we resisted this change, mainly due to the fact we weren't confident we could find a suitable replacement for badger hair that would work the same as a Badger based brush.  After heaps of testing on ourselves, different makes of synthetic fibres, different thickness fibres, etc etc, we finally believe we found one to be as good, if not better then the traditional Badger based units we used to stock!

So now, when buying your shaving kit, we will only have one type of brush on offer with our kits.  No more having to choose your brush anymore, no more hard decision, different pricing and confusion around what to get.  One brush, 5 scents, one price.  Simple.

Now for those of you who think we have gone hippie, tree hugging or the like, we haven't.  We just feel that this suits our causes better and aligns more with our values of helping furry friends of all creatures great and small.  It aligns where we want to be as a company and the practices we put into business, both in our day to day lives, our MoS business and our farm here in the Adelaide Hills.  

So here's to a change, change for good!

The Team at Ministry of Shave



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