Why use a Ministry of Shave After Shave Lotion?

Posted on November 25 2016

And last but not least of our four part blog and look at Ministry of Shave's four product range is our After Shave Balm!

So you've put your face through a lot in the previous time since your last shave.  You've gone to work, sweated it out in the gym or somewhere else, slept on it, scratched it, exposed it to the sun and wind and much more.  It's the only part of the body that isn't normally covered at some point throughout the day and cops the biggest battering!  And now, after all of that, you're going to give it a wash, rub some of our cream onto it, given it a good massage with one of our Shaving Brushes and about to run a sharp razor over the top to remove the hair.  See where I' going here?

So after all of that treatment, it only seems right that you do your best to look your best and revitalise your skin!  That's where our After Shave Balm comes in!

The one thing that most men hate is having greasy skin- for any reason.  As males, we have a tendency to produce more sweat from our skin than females and this causes us some issues.  Blackheads and acne are probably the two most common for any man waking up in the morning!  So we produced a non greasy balm that you can apply to your face after shaving to make your skin bounce back to it's normal elasticity and vigour after you've shaved.

All of our products are filled with fantastic natural ingredients which have been proven over time to help sooth and calm skin, while developing elasticity and skin pore rejuvenation.  We put more into our products so you get more than just a moisturiser.

Check out some of the ingredients in our After Shave Balms

Jojoba-  Well known for it's healing properties and skin rejuvenation. Jojoba mimics the skins natural oils and can penetrate deep into the skins layers to restore and rejuvenate.  High in Vitamin A, it is vital for skin rejuvenation and for keeping the skin healthy.

Shea Butter-  Shea butter is known to be high in Vitamins A, E and F. This makes it very good for skincare, as it can help promote good skin balance and makes skin look healthy. For centuries, Shea Butter has been used to keep skin and hair in good condition and is particularly useful for applying to sun damaged skin or skin that is dehydrated, as it helps with skin elasticity, helping to keep a youthful appearance.

Gotu Kola- Well known for it's anti inflammatory ability, Gotu Kola has been used for hundreds of years to increase collagen and anti oxidants within the skin.


  • Help refresh, rejuvenate and refresh the skins appearance.
  • Calms and soothes shaved areas while reducing oiliness.
  • Helps eliminate wrinkles and fine lines.
  • No added colouring.

The best part about our After Shave Balm collection is that it can be used at any time throughout the day and not just after shaving.  Have some sunburn or been out in the wind? Perhaps your skin is just feeling a little dry.  Our products are perfect for moisturising.  

All of our balms are non greasy and you won't be afraid to put your head on your pillow or slip a shirt straight on after application.  The balm is light, easy to rub into the skin and the best part is that you require very little of it.  All of our balms come in 100ml sizes which for the daily shaver will last around 1 month of use.  

Love it?  Then you can subscribe to it and have it delivered monthly direct to your door with complimentary shipping on every replenishment order.

So there you have it. The fourth part of our luxury shaving process.  Get the After Shave Balm individually here or the full collection here.

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All of our After Shave Balms are made in Adelaide, Australia.  

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