Father's Day is just around the corner!

Posted on August 23 2017

It's here and comes around every year.  Father's Day.  That one time of the year that you venture out to purchase a gift for that man who has made such a big impact in your life.  The person you look up to, seek advice from, helps you when times get tough, the lot!  And how do you reward that support, help and advice you receive?  A book?  But which one?  A new shirt?  What's his size again?  You better not go down that socks and jocks avenue.  Yes,  I'm talking to you. Don't do it!  Walk past the socks, jocks, handkerchiefs and ties. Don't stop, don't look sideways and don't give in to the easy option where you know he will sit back and put on a fake 'thank you' smile and wonder what he did to receive that gift.  I bet he's wondering if coal for Christmas will be next..

Anyway,  you get my drift.  Think outside of the square, thin different and think Ministry of Shave!  He's a man, he shaves, he probably a manly- man.  You know the type, leaves his beard to grow a coupe of days, goes the rough and rugged look then cleans himself up when need be?  What does he do?  That's where you come in to save the day!

We have the perfect present. Something he will use form day one, something that will remind hi of you every time he wants to clean himself up and look presentable.  Every time he grabs his Ministry of Shave shaving brush which he will have for years, you'll be at the front of mind.  Not your brother or sister, who gave him the socks and jocks, but you!  And for years!  So there's a benefit for both of you.  Your Dad gets the perfect shave and you remain the favourite child for years to come.  See,  we are dong both of you a favour!  Imagine how ,long you'll be the favourite if you give him one of our premium kits and a Rockwell razor to go with it!  OMG, can you imagine?!!  

So jump on in and grab a kit.  We have choices galore!  5 different scents of all of our shaving products, 3 different types of shaving brushes, 5 different Rockwell razor models and accessories to suit all!  Be it any of our individual products, our premium shaving kits, Rockwell razors or our accessories, we will keep you as Dad's favourite for years to come!

But there isn't much time left.  Theres just over a week to go!  But, once again, don't panic as we have you covered there too!  We offer free shipping for any order over $50 to anywhere in Australia! Order by 4.30pm AEST and we'll get it out to you on the same day.  Want it quicker?  For a lazy $10 extra we will post your entire order, big or small, express so you can have it overnight to most places in Australia!  That means you can order right up until the last minute and still have your order arrive in time for the big day!  All of our shipping s fully trackable so you see it moving as soon as it leaves us!  Every customer receives their tracking number on the same day they order so you know that your parcel is picked, packed and ready to go as soon as you have that number in your hand!

But what if you can't afford to pay for it right now?  Well, let us come to the rescue again!  we accept Paypal or Credits cards but we also offer Afterpay!  Get what you want for Dad now and pay it off over time!  4 payments, over 8 weeks with no fees or charges or credit checks!  Just be over 18, have a credit card and away you go!  

Don't say we don't have your back. By the end of this you'll be thanking us!

So get something while you still can.  Get Dad something he deserves and will treasure for years to come.  Get something made in Australia, by Australians, for Australians!  

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