Ministry of Shave and the I Choose SA campaign.

Ministry of Shave and the I Choose SA campaign.

Here at Ministry of Shave we are proudly owned, operated and manufactured right here in Adelaide, Australia.  We operate from a home based warehouse where our orders are all picked, packed and posted on the same day for any orders that come in prior to 4 pm EST.  This makes it easy for you to order and with our express shipping option to can have your items to most places in Australia on the next day!

We are fiercely proud of being able to manufacture our products in Australia, and while the cost may be a little higher than products manufactured out of overseas country, we have a high degree of quality control and all of our products meet necessary requirements of skin care products within Australia.  While we are not officially classed as being organically certified (the costs to be are too high for us at this point) all of our products are manufactured within an organically certified production facility which gives us great peace of mind that we are producing the highest quality of products for our loyal customers!

As part of our loyalty to both Australian manufacturing as well as South Australia small business, we joined the I Choose SA campaign to help recognise local South Australian business who continue to support the local and national economy by way of employment, manufacturing and promotion of Australian made products.  The I Choose SA campaign has a website which lists all business who have signed up with the promotion so you know that by shopping at one of their partners businesses that you are also supporting local employment, manufacturing and products from home grown Australian sources!  All of the companies who are associated with the campaign are verified to be of South Australian origin so you know that any dollars you spend with partner businesses stays both in Australia and in South Australia.

You will find many of the retailers who have joined the I Choose SA campaign are small, home based businesses and attend many local markets and product events right around Adelaide at varying times of the year.  They work independantly online to showcase their products and are also very proud of their Australian made backgrounds.  

The I Choose SA campaign is a great way to showcase local business while promoting the features and benefits of all types of industry both in South Australia and Australia as a whole.  It provides a stage for all types of business to advertise their products or services and allows consumers to know exactly where their products are coming from.

Many of the businesses featured, like Ministry of Shave, also have a charitable side to them as well in which a portion of their sales in returned to the community based charities   Be it animal rescues, homeless causes, domestic violence or youth programs,  it is great to know that a portion of your purchase goes back into the local community to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves.  Many of these charities couldn't survive without these types of donations and support from local and national business.  Ministry of Shave donates a portion of each sale direct to no kill animal shelters every month with a different charity.  For the month of December, Ministry of Shave has partnered with Dog Rescue Newcastle to receive all funds attributed with purchases in this month.    So not only do you purchase a fantastic product, be it for yourself or for a gift this Christmas, you will also be helping animals who are seeking their former home.  To see how Ministry of Shave donates and the amounts per product, check out our Social Responsibility and Causes page.  We re strong believes in giving back to the community and thank you for your purchase and contribution to our monthly cause.  I'm sure our furry friends who we help would also like to say thanks as well!

If you missed our previous blog post, you would have read that Ministry of Shave have our own rescue Dog in Rusty, a long haired Jack Russell.  Rusty was purchased from Dog Rescue Newcastle over 3 years ago now and is a happy and integral part of our family.  We couldn't imagine life without him and he has been made the self appointed Operations Manager overseeing all of the orders that we send out.

We have the perfect Christmas gift for any man in your life this year.  To check out our products that feature in the I Choose SA campaign, as well as help Dog Rescue Newcastle and animals in need this month, check out the links below.

Have a great shave and make a great contribution.

Also, remember to use the #ichoosesa and #australianmade when hash tagging on any of your posts to help promote local and national business.

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