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New Rockwell models on the way!

We always love it when we can announce new products to our ever increasing line up of quality shaving products and the new offerings from our Partners at Rockwell Razors are no different!

So it is truly great that we can announce we are now taking pre order of the Rockwell 6c, Rockwell 2c and Rockwell R1 Rookie double edge razors as of mid august!

It's a while away we know, well 3 weeks, but since we started stocking the original Rockwell 6s, we have had a hard time keeping up with stock and demand of these super popular products.  Everyone knows that the Rockwell line up of razors is one of the most popular brands in the world, with their cutting edge adjustable blade system, meaning that you can get the perfect shave each time, every time!  These stylish yet functional razors offer premium versatility across the double edge shaving range and we are happy that we are soon going to have stock of all of them and the accessories to go with them!

The new Rockwell 6c safety razor has great looks, robust build & interchangeable plates so you can choose your shave aggressiveness and find the perfect shave just right for you! With full interchangeable blade system that allows you to determine what is right for you, the Rockwell 6c provides that custom shaving experience with a lesser cost than it's big brother, the 6 s.

The new Rockwell 2c, comes complete with the most popular settings of the 6s and 6c, being settings 1 and 2.  The Rockwell 2C Safety Razor offers their 2 most popular shave settings at a bargain price and suitable for most guys. It's also a perfect start for wet shaving newbies transitioning across from cartridge razors as well as for guys with sensitive skin. The razor comfortably cuts through short beard stubble on any skin type thanks to its patented design that allows an interchangeable head plate to give you your ideal shave. The head plate offers 2 different sizes which represent slight adjustments in the angle and gap between the blade and the razor, giving you a customisable and close shave with great results.

The Rockwell R1 is Incredibly easy to use, and fixed at the most popular Rockwell Size (R1). Butterfly doors and special engineering to reduce the chance of nicks and cuts make this the perfect introductory safety razor at an unbelievable price!

So there you have it!  3 brand new models to compliment the Rockwell 6s and the Ministry of Shave's own shaving products!  We pride ourselves on giving you the best shave, quality products, fast shipping and A1 customer service.

All of the above Rockwell models are now available for pre order, with an expected shipping date of the middle of August.  We have extremely limited numbers of pre order units available so keep an eye on the individual products pages for the amoutn left uintil the next shipment.  Don't delay and get your pre order in now!

Free shipping Australia wide on all orders over $50 and only $10 for express shipping Australia wide.

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 Give our products a try and we promise you won't be dissapointed.  Australian made & Australian owned!

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