Our Causes & Social Responsibility

Our Causes & Social Responsibility

So here at Ministry of Shave, we love nothing more than being able to give back to a number of charities on a monthly basis.  Because of this, a portion of every sale through our Ministry of Shave website, is donated directly to our nominated monthly charity with whom we are partnered.  Since we have only just begun, and it takes a little time to get some sales through, we have extended our partnership through until the end of December with Dog Rescue Newcastle who will be the receivers of our monthly donation amounts.

So why choose Dog Rescue Newcastle?  Easy!  We purchased our own Jack Russell, Rusty, from there some 3 years ago now who has become a happy and integral part of our family.  On top of this, he has also been self appointed Operations manager here at Ministry of Shave and is responsible for overseeing the orders being picked, packed and delivered in a timely manner!  And as you can see, he takes his responsibilities very seriously!

Alongside Rusty,  sit's his trusted sidekick, Gus.  While Rusty is a hard working type dog, Gus on the other hand can tend to be a little lazy and prefers sleeping over putting in the hard yards,  We believe in a previous life he may have been a cat, then reincarnated as a dog!  Gus is also a happy little chap and enjoy nothing more than a sleep on the couch or on your lap.  Gus has the title of Events Manager here at Ministry of Shave, which suits him perfectly well as we don't have any events so his contribution is minimal to say the least.  

Ministry of Shave Social Responsibility

As much as these two little guys are different, they are best mates and love each others company and we couldn't imagine not having them as part of our family.

That's why we donate to Dog Charities like we do.  We believe that every dog needs a warm bed, a loving home and the freedom to be themselves.  Animal Rescue groups do an amazing job, often on low funding which is self generated and run by a handful of amazing volunteers and foster carers.

- What do dog rescue groups do like Dog Rescue Newcastle do?-

- Provide dogs with second chances at a new home and a better life.

- Find foster carers to look after dogs who may have been abused, neglected or given up for adoption.

- Rescue dogs on death row from kill shelters across New South Wales and beyond.

- Provide complex, often life saving veterinary services to animals in need.

- Desexing, vaccination and health checking of all dogs taken into care.

As you would imagine, the above services are not cheap to provide and DRN rely 100% on the generosity of people, families, business and donations to survive. The run regulars events to try and top up their donations and have some great supporters in the local community.  Dog Rescue Newcastle is a no kill rescue group, meaning they will take as long as needed to find any dog a home that they can call theirs fur ever! 

So every dollar you spend with Ministry of Shave helps us to help them!  We contribute a set amount from every sale made at Ministry of Shave.

These products include-

Shaving Kits.

Pre Shave Oils

Shaving Creams

After Shave Balms

Shaving Brushes

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