When trust is a must!

When trust is a must!

Here at Ministry of Shave, we take payments seriously, very seriously and always want to assure all of our customers that we have the most secure checkout payment system available and that your details will always be secure with us.

To ensure that we have you covered in every instance, we offer several types of payments here at Ministry of Shave, each with their own unique features and benefits to our loyal customers.

We use nothing but the best encrypted payment providers meaning that we anjd no one else ever sees your credit card details, keeping them safe from hackers and anyone else that might want to get their hands on them.  We use bank level technology that ensure you have the safest experience possible when dealing with Ministry of Shave.


The first and most obvious one we offer is PayPal.  PayPal has been around for a long time and is an extremely secure way to checkout when purchasing from us.  You don't need to have a PayPal account when checking out, you can simply enter your credit cards details and be on your way in a flash!  Likewise,  if you do have an account with PayPal, you can utilize this account to pay directly and easily from your Paypal account without having to enter in your credit details and use either your own funds or funds linked directly with one of your credit cards.  It's fast, easy and doesn't cost you a cent to use!  One of the things we love about PayPal is that when we are at markets, we use a PayPal card reader to take payments and it instantly recognizes your credit cards details and allows us to either text or email a receipt directly to you from our point of sale card reader.  How awesome is that!!  You can pay with your Visa, Amex or MasterCard giving you a great range of options. 

One of the newest additions, and by far one of our most popular payments options is Afterpay.  It's buy now, pay later set up where your purchase is paid for over the course of 4 interest free installments, made fortnightly but allows you to order and receive your goods straight away! Founded in Melbourne, Australia, several years ago, Afterpay has become the take home lay by of the internet shopping world and is going ahead in leaps and bounds.  It's simple- choose your items, choose Afterpay at checkout, enter in your credit card details and away you go!  Secure, safe and easy.  Your items ship straight away, there is no interest to pay on your goods and the payments are handled fortnightly by Afterpay.  Available at any time, on any purchase size with no minimum spend amount.  From our cheapest $9.95 items to a combination of any total up to $1,000, Afterpay will get you your items and let you pay them off!

Just to top off what we do,  we added Yo!  A live and real time application that shows what people are buying at any given time when you are on our site!  It will show what is popular among other purchasers but also provide you with knowledge that other people are choosing to buy from us.  It covers all of our products and combinations and shows in real time what is being purchased.  Once you make a purchase, your own details (with identifying features) will appear in minutes!  Don't want your purchase being shown?  Just let us know in the notes when you check out and we will make sure it is not displayed.  Rest assured though that no identifying information is ever displayed- only a first name, the first letter of your last name, suburb and what you bought

We accept all of the above credits cards with no need to register and account of any type.  Just check out and away you go!

So rest assured that any information you provide us, be it payment related or personal information, is strictly guarded and governed by Australian law.  We adhere to a strict set of privacy guidelines, as do all of our payment providers and web hosting partners.  We won't ever spam you nor will we sell or use your information. At Ministry of Shave, we value your business and thank you for your purchase.  We are a proud family owned and operated business, based out of Adelaide, Australia and strive to deliver only the best products to give our customers the best shave and the best value possible!

The Team at Ministry of Shave.

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 Give our products a try and we promise you won't be dissapointed.  Australian made & Australian owned!

Need some help?  Have a question?  Get in touch at support@ministryofshave.com.au.


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