Why use a Pre Shave Oil?

Why use a Pre Shave Oil?

It Works.

Here’s why:

Have sensitive skin or prone to irritation after the shave? You should be using it too. Pre-shave oil helps softens your beard so that the razor can more easily cut through the hairs. Next time you come to the Ministry of Shave to stock up on shaving product, make sure you grab a bottle of our pre shave oil in the same scent as your other products.

Lavender Oil And Sunflower Seed Oil

Lavender oil is a soothing ingredient that helps reduce razor burn, leaving your skin more less prone to irritation. Sunflower seed oil is a light oil that won’t clog pores or leave your skin feeling greasy. Greasiness is the worst. This oil gently moisturizes and softens skin and hair, while preventing the pre-shave oil from being overly heavy.  All of the Ministry of Shave pre shave oils include Lavender Oil in them to get you looking as neat as possible!

Castor Oil And Olive Oil

Prone to drier skin? Castor oil helps moisturize the skin, keeping it soft while helping reduce dryness or irritation. Olive oil helps the pre-shave oil to cling to your face, providing lubrication as you slide the razor over your face.  It provides a more comfortable shave to those areas that can be prone to irritation like the top lip, around the cheek bones and your neck.  It will help reduce or remove any rashes that may normally occur along with acne, redness and reduce or eliminate any chance of cuts or small shaving scratches.  All of the Ministry of Shave pre shave oils include both Castor and Olive to help you begin every shave in the best possible way!


Remember,  a little oil goes a long way!  To properly apply a pre-shave oil, thoroughly rinse your face with warm water and apply a few drops of oil to the palm of your hand. Rub your palms together and gently massage the oil onto your face. The goal is to get very thin coverage across your entire shaving area. Allow the oil to set on your skin for at least a minute during which time you can wash the remaining oil off your hands. Apply your soap or cream lather to your face and proceed to shave as normal.  Pay extra attention to the areas that cause you the most discomfort and if you find that you don't need to apply to the entire face then you don't have too.

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