Why use our Shaving Creams?

Why use our Shaving Creams?

Our shaving creams aren't like those you would find on a supermarket shelf.  You know, the ones that come in cans where you press the top and a gel or cream comes out.  The ones that are full of chemicals that really do nothing to help promote skin development, repair, nourishment or moisturise your skin during and after shaving.

So what is different about ours?  Firstly, they don't come in a can. Secondly, they are designed to be used with a brush to apply them over using your hands or fingers to spread the cream.  Secondly, our shaving creams are full of natural products designed to encourage a smoother shave, moisturise your skin, reduce rashes, lump, bumps and acne and most importantly, place a moisturised protective barrier across your skin when shaving.  We use natural products such as Coconut Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil, Orange Oil and many more to make sure that your face receives the treatment it deserves.  

Shaving is hard on your skin.  Let's face it, you're running a super sharp blade across your face and it removes more than hair.  It can strip back the skin, leaving raw skin to face the elements of day to day life.  If not moisturised and conditioned properly, this is where rashes, infections, blemishes, acne and redness can appear.  Especially in those more sensitive areas like the tope lip, under the next and around the sides of the jaw line.

Ministry of Shave shaving creams are designed to be used in conjunction with a shaving brush.  An old, traditional type method of shaving that uses a badger hair brush to apply the cream to your face.  Why use a brush?  It massages, moisturisers and softens the hair before shaving making shaving easier, with less irritation and provides a smoother and closer cut.  The brush makes the hair stand up so when shaving, the blades will cut at the base of the hair rather than through a hair that is folded over which leads to double cutting, a blocked razor and the blades of the razor not being on the skin.  In fact our cream is so good, that if you need to re shave areas again that you only need to re lather your brush, re apply and redo the area that you're not happy with.

Ministry of Shave offers 5 scents in our luxury cream range- Unscented, Sandalwood, Lavender, Lemon and Deep Ocean Kelp.

Lavender- Great if you're night time shaver.  Lavender is proven to provide a calming effect, increase sleep and relaxation when smelt.  The subtle hint of Lavender Oil that will end your day perfectly.

Unscented- Perfect for if you wear a cologne or aftershave as it won't hinder or mix with any other scents you may use.

Lemon- Feeling sweet?  You will with this.  A hint of Lemon and citrus tones will leave you feeling fresh and revived.

Sandalwood- One of our most popular scents.  An undertone of wood and essential oils, this scent is pure luxury using Sandalwood which is one of the most ancient and expensive oils currently available in body applications.

Deep ocean Kelp-  Like Lemon, will make you feel revived and fresh.  Like you've just stepped out of the ocean or after a solid morning surf, nothing wakes you more than than the smell of salt water.  Also one of our most popular items.

It's easy to use this type of shaving method-

1)  Take your brush and run it under warm to hot water until the brush is completely saturated.  Let the excess water drain for a couple of seconds.

2)  Take your Ministry of Shave shaving cream and place the bush into the cream, so that the tip of the brush is completely covered in shaving cream (About a 20 cents piece worth).  

3)  You now have 2 choices.  You can gently rub the brush directly onto your skin to create a rich lather onto your face or you can use one of our shaving bowls to create the lather in and then apply.

Never use too much force or pressure when creating the lather regardless of where if you do it on your face or in a bowl.  If you have enough cream on the brush, the lather will come up quite easily for you on either your face or in the bowl.  If you feel you don't have enough you can always add more to create the amount that suits you.

Ministry of Shave shaving creams come in jars of 150 grams, which, if you shave daily, will see one tub last approximately one month.

So there you have it.  Look after your skin, give yourself 10 minutes in the morning to make sure you're ready to face the day and away you go.  

Don't forget that all Of Ministry of Shaves products are available via our subscription service.  get them delivered to your door when you want them and never go without or forget about them again.  Also, a portion of these products also goes to our charity of the month to help the rehoming of animal right across Australia.  

Free delivery for all orders over $50 or only $5 for orders under.

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All of our shaving creams are made in Adelaide, Australia.  

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