Choosing Your Shaving Kit

We make it easy for you!

With 5 different scents available, we have something to suit everyone.  All of our scents are infused with a blend of essential oils, luxury natural moisturisers and packed full of ingredients to get your skin looking and feeling amazing.  

Our kits contain one of each of our amazing products.  One Pre Shave Oil, One Tub of Shaving Cream, One After Shave Balm and you get to choose which shaving brush to add to top off your collection.  The ultimate luxurious shaving experience!

Choose your brush-

When purchasing one of our Shaving Kits, you will receive one of our premium synthetic shaving brushes!  In previous years, shaving brushes have been made of Badger hair and initially, we stocked these as well.  Now, on the demand of our customers and our own ethics, we have decided to go completely animal free across our entire range and just offer the one brush with all of our products!  Simple!