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Ministry of Shave

Ravenforge The Midnight Straight Razor

Ravenforge The Midnight Straight Razor

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Discover the flawless artistry of Ravenforge Midnight Straight Razor, expertly designed for the ultimate close and smooth shave. Crafted from exceptionally sharp J2 steel, this masterpiece guarantees an unparalleled grooming experience. The sleek blade boasts a captivating power-coated matt-black finish with a contrasting polished blade edge, effortlessly fusing style and performance. With a seamless fold into a finely finished matching black wood grip, accentuated by brass fittings, the Midnight Straight Razor exudes elegance and sophistication.

Key Features:

  1. Uncompromising Sharpness: The Midnight Straight Razor is meticulously fashioned from high-grade J2 steel, promising an exceptionally sharp edge. Glide through every stroke with precision and achieve an irresistibly close shave, leaving your skin smooth and irritation-free.

  2. Sophisticated Design: The power-coated matt-black finish adds a touch of refinement to the sleek blade, while the contrasting polished blade edge elevates its visual allure. The finely finished matching black wood grip, complemented by brass fittings, offers an ergonomic hold for supreme control and comfort.

  3. Complete Set: Each Midnight Straight Razor comes accompanied by a luxurious black leather sheath, proudly embossed with the distinctive Raven Forge logo. Safeguard your razor in style and maintain its pristine condition whether at home or on the move.

 Let your shaving ritual be transformed into an extraordinary experience - precise, elegant, and unforgettable. Upgrade your grooming essentials today and experience the brilliance of these Ministry os Shave hand selected razors.

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