About Us

Welcome to the Exquisite World of Ministry of Shave, founded in 2014 to offer a lavish shaving experience to individuals worldwide. Combining the art of wet shaving with the finest natural ingredients, we have curated a collection that ensures the ultimate shaving indulgence. Bid farewell to bumps, reduce ingrown hairs, and embrace a shave of unparalleled comfort, smoothness, and grace, crowned by our invigorating after-shave balms. Our world-class products are meticulously crafted right here in Australia.

Enchanting Scents and Elegant Brushes Await

With an array of five captivating scents, exquisite brushes and hand selected razors, we cater to every refined individual. The choice is yours; select your preferred scent and razor, and we will deliver the epitome of grooming excellence right to your door.

Thoughtful Gifting, Tailored to Perfection

Looking for the perfect gift for someone dear to you? Look no further than Ministry of Shave. Forget about mundane socks and handkerchiefs; present your beloved with a gift they'll truly cherish. Whether it's Father's Day, Christmas, birthdays, or any special occasion, we have you covered with elegance and distinction, right up until the eve of the celebration.

Refined Gifts for Your Corporate Realm

In the corporate world, impress your male clients or esteemed staff with an impeccable 'thank you'—a luxurious shaving kit gift box from Ministry of Shave. We cater to the discerning corporate gift market, offering bulk discounts on orders of 10 or more shaving kit gift boxes. Make gift-giving within or beyond your office an effortless experience this year. For inquiries and purchase requirements, email us at info@ministryofshave.com and we'll promptly respond.

Elevated Excellence, Crafted in Australia

We take pride in being proudly Australian-made and manufactured. Our website stands as the exclusive hub to acquire our exceptional products, apart from the occasional pop-up stall or market event throughout Australia.

Embrace the Brotherhood, Welcome to Ministry of Shave

As we extend our invitation to embrace the art of grooming, we welcome all to the Brotherhood of Ministry of Shave. Our dedication to delivering sophistication, opulence, and perfection in every shave transcends gender and embraces the essence of timeless elegance. Step into our world, and let the Ministry of Shave redefine your grooming ritual with sheer indulgence.