How to Wet Shave

Wet Shaving has never been easier!  We provide all of the components, you just decide what sort of razor you would like to use!  Many people will use a double edge razor.  A more traditional style of razor and one that you may have seen your grandfather use over the years.  These razors are great, will save you money in the long term and are widely available.  Ministry of Shave will be adding these to their product line over time so keep an eye out!

The other is the more modern disposable razor like Gillete, Bic etc.  These work fine and are available from your local supermarket.  They do cost substantially more to replace the blades than traditional Double Edge razors however many people prefer the for their convenience and ease of use.  Whatever you choice the main thing to make sure of is that the razor is sharp!!

Ministry of Shave offers 3 types of Badge hair shaving brushes to get the best coverage, take your pick when purchasing a shaving set. Badger hair is the most exquisite form of shaving brush and is characterised by it's soft bristle, length of life use and the ability to purchase in different forms.  Ministry of Shave offers the top 3 styles of Badger shaving brushes for you to choose from, be it in individual or in kit form.  All of our brushes are hand knotted to absolute perfection.

On each of our shaving sets, you will have the choice of which shaving brush you would like to have included in your kit.  Simply pick the scent of your kit, pick your brush and checkout!  Simple!

Silvertip- The finest of Badger shaving brushes and found only in the neck area of the badger, silvertip is the rarest and highest grade of hair.  The silvertip hair is sorted and graded based on very specific characteristics of softness and coloring. 

Finest/ Super-  Super badger hair is a finer gauge of hair and has a softer feel than best grade hair. The white tips of super badger are very soft on the face and have little to no scratchiness on the skin.

Pure-  Pure badger hair is the most readily available grade of hair and because of its high availability, pure badger hair is the least expensive of badger types and makes a great starting point for a beginning shaver who wants to learn wet shaving before moving on to a higher quality and more expensive brush. 

How to shave using Ministry of Shave products-

  • Prep it up! Soften your beard and skin with warm water or shave directly after showering. You can also apply hot towels for 2 to 4 minutes so that your beard is softer for a closer shave. Apply the Ministry of Shave Pre Shaving Oil to the sensitive parts of your skin to provide a protective barrier and improve razor glide over your skin’s surface.  Remember- A little Pre Shave Oil goes a long way!
  • Lather it up!  Next, apply the Ministry of Shave Shaving Cream using one of our exquisite Badger brushes. Run your brush under warm to hot water and let the bristles become completely saturated.  Take the brush and gently rub it into the shaving cream tub until there is sufficient cream on the tip of the brush.  You can create a beautiful lather directly onto your face or for increased lather use one of our shaving bowls.  Rub the brush across your face in a circular motion, covering all areas to be shaved.  Pay extra attention to those areas that you experience extra irritation and gently massage the cream onto the skin. How much cream you use depends on how much lather you like to apply but the creamier the lather, the better the experience!  Don't be afraid to re wet the brush and add extra shaving cream to make sure that there is enough lather.
  • Time to shave. Now, slowly glide your razor along the flow of hair with a gentle pressure and while keeping your skin tight. Apply further lather to areas if required and for a closer shave, re lather and shave gently against the grain. 
  • Pamper your skin! Give your skin a well-deserved hot and cold water treatment. Using a face washer or by simply splashing your face with hot water, (careful!) immediately follow with a blast of cold water. This will wash away any residues and at the same time bring the skin pores back to their original state. Take the Ministry of Shave moisturizer and apply in a circular motion across your skin to nourish and rejuvenate the shaved area
  • Don't forget your razor... Rinse your Rockwell razor and brush in warm water for your next great shave. Hang your brush on a stand, brush end down, to remove any excess water and increase drying time. 

That's it!