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Ministry of Shave

Ministry of Shave Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl

Ministry of Shave Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl

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Keep it in the bowl with our stainless steel Ministry of Shave lathering bowl.

Create the perfect lather by applying a small amount of cream onto a wet & hot brush.  Wet the brush with warm- hot water, place into the Ministry of Shave shaving cream and gather the required amount of cream onto the end of the brush. Place the brush into the shaving bowl and add some light pressure, turning the brush in a circling motion to create the desired amount of lather.  For further lather just add extra cream to the brush.  How much lather you use is up to you.

Our shaving bowl not only helps keep the lather in the bowl but will look stunning on any bathroom counter top.  A must have for any gentleman.

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