Rockwell Razors- Now Available!

Rockwell Razors- Now Available!

Rockwell Razors are now available at Ministry of Shave!

The Rockwell Razor company made a huge splash in the world of wet shaving, launching their product on Kickstarter to over 2,500 backers and with pledges of over $148,000!  Made in America,  the quality of their products are second to none and are highly personalised, allowing you to choose on of 6 settings to suit your shaving perfectly!

These are a fantastic product which will look amazing in any bathroom and leave you feeling as smooth as ever.  Easy to use, cost effective and durable,  this is the type of product that you will have for years to come.

Along with the Rockwell Razors,  we also have their shaving stand, double edge razor blades and safety sheath available for purchase as well, allowing you to compliment your shaving experience with a Ministry of Shave shaving kit!

We have free shipping available with every Rockwell Razor purchased and for only $10 extra, express shipping is available, allowing you to have your new razor up and running as fast as ever.

So don't delay and grab yourself on of these now.  We guarantee it will be one of the best shaving purchases you will ever make.  They are ready for immediate delivery!

Check out a few of the pictures below, along with the guidelines on picking which shaving plate is going to be best for you!

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